WOW!bands I am on a roll...

Wow!band with genuine Sterling Silver studs and Peridot stones made for Mercury my original supermodel!

Yes, I am up to still more (Ad)ventures. I am working on WOW!bands. Some of you may or may not have known I went to school for and was in fact a jeweler in my past incarnations. I had been wanting to bring that to browbands and horses forever. So I am starting a new line of WOW!bands. They are for all disciplines and I use Genuine Sterling silver (gold if you want to spring for it) and Genuine Garnets, Amethysts, rose quartz, Peridot, Citrine, etc. Real stuff not fake or crystal. I can use faux if requested and I can customize color and design. I used to study and make jewelry that effected energy and can use stones to balance and enhance an energy field of a horse as well. Not just for a fancy accent! Stay tuned for more pics! I am creating samples as we speak. Contact me for more info.