Case Study: Mercury getting gelded and recovery of soft tissue injury

Two weeks ago Mercury came in from the pasture lame with swelling in rear left fetlock area. He jogged virtually 3 legged and I was bummed. I went to work right away with Traumeel (See my health and supplement shop)topically on the fetlock and oral Homeopathy. Actually my Homeopathic Sports injury mix. He got a small dosage of bute but not enough to not feel it. I didn't want him not to feel the pain and be fresh and boisterous as he can be. Next day the vet comes and says why'd you call he's easily 50% better. I stall rest him for a week and hand walk and omit bute and continue Sports Injury mix and topical Traumeel ointment. one week out he Jogs 90 percent sound but not perfect and I am hoping to geld the following week but he has to be 100% sound for turnout to be gelded as they want him moving and keeping his circulation going to keep swelling down.
Week 2 we get an ultra sound to confirm complete healing. He has been in and hand walked and I have used the LIFE system 2 times to balance the injury. Ultrasound shows complete healing and the vet goes ahead and gelds him.
Usual expected recovery time from gelding with turnout is 2 weeks or so. Leading up to gelding, Mercury is given amongst other healing remedies, Arnica Montana 200c which in addition to assisting with healing his leg will lessen the trauma and shock to his body of the surgery. The vet tells me to expect lots of swelling and it should increase for 2-3 days after the procedure.
Monday He gets gelded, Monday night I do a LIFE session for surgery, electro acupuncture, pain, inflammation and infection plus male genitals balancing. He also is started on mega doses (1m) of arnica montana for the trauma and surgery and healing.
Tuesday he has some swelling but not nearly what I expected and is stiff behind but works out of it on the lunge as per vets instruction(poor M&M having to jiggle around).
Day 2 still more Arnica and one night of turnout and I can see almost NO swelling! It is completely normal looking! (less the testicles. The vet said it should get bigger and bigger as time went on. He also lunged very comfortably and not stiff looking at ALL. DAY TWO! All I have to say is this stuff works!


Horse Dosages of Flower Essences

This weeks topic of discussion has been flower essences and there application on horses for a variety of behavior issues. I wanted to bring up dosage amounts as I don't believe I spoke about the actual amounts on the radio show or last blog. As a general rule I give 10 drops of each essence in water or directly on some food or sugar cubes. I may mix 10 drops of each remedy in one bottle to create a custom mix or behavior specific one like Spook mix. I then add water and a tablespoon of alcohol(vodka, brandy or vinegar if you like to preserve) to top it off for use. This also makes a tincture bottle last longer. Do not assume more is better with these essences. 20 drops will not have a more strong effect. Nor will a whole bottle though it would not harm the animal. The best is to give at short intervals, or in their drinking water, or during a training or stressful situation. Rescue Remedy is a good general calming and soothing mix which consists of Impatients (mental agitation,frustration,impatience), Clematis (loss of consciousness, dreamy, unfocused), Cherry Plum (hysteria, fear of losing control, lack of emotional control), Rock Rose (terror, deep anticipatory fear, panic), Star of Bethlehem (Trauma, Shock). Every animal and human first aid kit should have it.


NHN Flower Essence Radio Show

Here is a recording of the flower essence show from today's radio interview.

That was a fun show. Hopefully everyone could hear with the sound issues. Here's the link to my Behavior Mixes feel free to contact me with questions. Here is the link to the Perelandra site Machaelle Small Wright's first book Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered tells her very unique and cool story and talks about Findhorn. For all you gardeners she is a must read as she talks about a completely different way of working with plant and animal energies and the earths rhythms. See the link for Garden/Soil Balancing essences Thanks until next time!


WOW!bands I am on a roll...

Wow!band with genuine Sterling Silver studs and Peridot stones made for Mercury my original supermodel!

Yes, I am up to still more (Ad)ventures. I am working on WOW!bands. Some of you may or may not have known I went to school for and was in fact a jeweler in my past incarnations. I had been wanting to bring that to browbands and horses forever. So I am starting a new line of WOW!bands. They are for all disciplines and I use Genuine Sterling silver (gold if you want to spring for it) and Genuine Garnets, Amethysts, rose quartz, Peridot, Citrine, etc. Real stuff not fake or crystal. I can use faux if requested and I can customize color and design. I used to study and make jewelry that effected energy and can use stones to balance and enhance an energy field of a horse as well. Not just for a fancy accent! Stay tuned for more pics! I am creating samples as we speak. Contact me for more info.

Elsa at her new digs


Elsa, the bearer of joy and happiness...

I just moved Elsa and Mom to pasture for the summer yesterday. It was fairly uneventful due to Phoenix being trailer trained prior. We used a butt rope to encourage Elsa and in a few tries, She hopped up in the slant with momma. She traveled like a champ and it was a short trip so a good first experience. What moved me though was how she made everyone so happy in the barn where I board. I was struck by how her birth was an event for everybody and felt that it was a great experience to share with the others who board, work and own the facility. The owners have several children who had never seen a newborn and they were so enthralled with her. The boarders adored her. She was the barn "pet" I guess It just made me smile to see the joy and happiness she made the kids feel when I spied them visiting with her. We all sat around and watched them play (I call it horse TV). Each person enjoying them individually. Now They have gone to stay at a clients barn where there is 24/7 turnout and grass which I (and horses) prefer. Now she is on to spread joy in another barn where she will undoubtedly become the barn pet. I'm glad I can share my bundle of joy when I see how happy she makes eveyone who meets her. With all the negative incidents that have been going on lately in our horse world and world in general. Elsa in a little innocent light bearer who reminds us all to smile and laugh with her exuberance and energy and affection! Thanks Elsa!