The Grazing Game

Here is a video Inspired by Carolyn Resnick's Grass exercises. This is an immensely helpful and important exercise. It takes very little time to get the horse to understand and is quite a nice way to play with grass areas. See more like this at http://fdhvirtualclinic.com/ 


Down under bound!

Jack teaching a participant last year...
For those of you who don't know, I am off to New Zealand and Australia in a couple of weeks. This will be my second trip to NZ (North Island) and my first to Australia (Victoria Area). I am super excited and happy to see a good turnout for the clinics. If you are interested in attending one of these clinics go to this link for info http://www.fdhorsemanship.com/#!calendar
You can also Contact me directly.

Last year's NZ clinic was super fun and I am pleased to see some of the same faces and horses again this year and some new ones. Jack, My 4 legged assistant has graciously volunteered again for Liberty class. He was a spectacular teaching assistant last time and I can't wait to see what lessons he will bring this time.

Clinics are fun for me because I see so many unique horse/human partnerships. It allows me to be  creative and to tailor the exercises to each individual so everyone gets something that works for their horse and their personality. Not a one size fits all approach. It also allows people to feel freer to explore and experiment with things and relax and have more fun. Learning and fun should always go together!

On November 29th, I will be getting interviewed by Kim Hill of Radio New Zealand National which is super cool! I'll let people know when this will be aired as soon as I know.

My sidekick and BFF Jesse, will be traveling with me once again and we always have great adventures when we are together so I will be sure to share photos and videos!

In Virtual Clinic news, I am starting to delve into Intermediate and Advanced Liberty exercises. Check out FDH Virtual Clinic here http://fdhvirtualclinic.com/

Happy Horsing around!


Liberty FUN!damentals

Here is a sample video clip from my Liberty FUN!damentals series. In this video you will see how I use my body language and Liberty foundation work to move into more advanced Liberty play and line and mounted preparation and problem solving. This work shows the very early stages of what it will take to move toward bending, more challenging Lateral work and Collection at Liberty. See more like it at http://fdhvirtualclinic.com/