St. Vincent's Clinic: Last day and overview

Here is the last video clip and installment of the Waterhole Rituals, and Rituals and Yoga for Riding Clinic.

I met Stina through Carolyn Resnick as I have met many great people through her work. I knew I had to go to St. Vincent as soon as I saw Stina's videos. Who doesn't think that! I couldn't remember exactly how we connected but I do remember her asking me about doing a clinic about a year ago and I said YES immediately! Where do I sign up?, how do I make this happen?!

There are times in your life when you "know" something is meant to be and you are not sure why but you just know you are supposed to do it and it will be a great experience and you trust that.

This first clinic was exactly what I envisioned and so much more! Stina and I share a vision, passion, and spirit that was inspiring, fun, and magical to create around. Her herd was incredible to work with as I got to know each one during the clinic by working with them on various Rituals and Exercises. Darling, her lead mare was especially wonderful to have as a teaching partner and I dubbed her my Caribbean horse partner! The people that attended the clinic some of which were students of mine and some which were new to me, were a wonderful mix horse lovers who share the same ideas about how we want to be and work with our horses.

We inspired and learned from each other and the horses. Once I studied the environment and mix of people and horses I had, I was able to let the students and horses guide the lessons and teaching. As always I learned by staying open and flexible, valuable lessons presented themselves in each moment and we explored them as such. I could not have done this without having such a great combination of participants because although we had a program, we had some great spontaneous activities woven in too which added to the magical fun.

I know we throw around the word Magic a lot and I'll tell you why it was magical. Time seems to stand still there, it allows us to fully explore things in the moment, the environment is so beautiful, it soothes you mind and soul. The freedom of the horses to express who they are and participate in the class as willing teachers makes the exercises a joy and full of unexpected surprises and offers from them. It shows me yet again the Magic that horses bring to all those who are blessed enough to share their lives with them.

Once Stina and I got together it was clear that we had kindred spirits and vision and an insatiable appetite for fun and adventure! I knew this was the first but certainly not the last clinic. In fact, I think we came up with about 900 plus! I had to tell her to write them down because we kept coming up with so many! So we'll keep you posted on our next one which could be as soon as November 2011. Please contact me if you are interested at this link http://fdhorsetraining.com/Contactfdt.html





Greetings from St. Vincent's! First installment

Jack, Elena, and Darling in their pasture overlooking the ocean
So I am in paradise with all these great people and these great horses that Stina Herberg has done a beautiful job with. I don't want to rub it in but it is soooo fun and soooo beautiful, I can barely call it work!

I arrived to incredible hospitality, a paradise environment, horses and warm, friendly faces. It is PERFECT! Stina and I Shared Territory a bit the first night with the herd so they could get to know me and be comfortable before we started working together.

People arrived the next day and we got settled for Monday's first day of the Clinic. More Sharing Territory with the horses and checking out the beautiful beaches and scenery.

Monday morning started with some centering and grounding Yoga, Positive Visualizations, and goal setting for the coming week. The horses guided the exercises as Stina and I went over Carolyn Resnick's Waterhole Rituals in the morning and did some Liberty Grooming, Halter/Bridling game, and Picking up feet game at Liberty in the afternoon. Of course the horses worked their magic and produced some surprising wonderful ideas and offers of their own.

Here's link to some of the first pictures...More to come plus video!