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Natural First Aid

Did you know there are several widely used commercial wound dressings that are actually toxic to animals and humans? Did you know there is an acupuncture point that can help revive a distressed person or animal? Did you know there are homeopathic remedies fo colic? Did you know apple cider vinegar has many therapeutic uses? Did you know there is a natural anti iflammatory that is as effective as Bute but doesn't carry the same side effects? Join me and DC to find out the answers to these questions and more on tomorrows show.
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Thanks to my horses...

Every time I have a terrible day, I am so thankful that I can go to my horses and they instantly make me forget my troubles. I sometimes think, maybe I shouldn't go to them when I am having a bad day for fear that I will be short on patience or my attitude will rub off on them since they are mirrors. But alas, this never seems to be the case. I take one out and start to groom and focus on all their good spots. If I take an extra long time, I am already feeling better before I tack up. Or maybe I'm just going to hang out with them while they graze or do liberty work. My colt is an expert at making me laugh. Whatever it is, when I leave the barn, that horse magic or healing has done it's job on me and I have forgotten my troubles, at least for a time...


Exercise for people...good for you and your horse

I wanted to post an exercise for people that will improve your life and your horsemanship. It's very simple and will make a huge difference in you world if you can make it permanent. Here it is. SLOW DOWN. That's it...SLOW DOWN everything. Your daily habits, your driving, your thoughts, your eating, your energy. SLOW DOWN. I am throwing down a challenge for everyone who reads this to slow down their life for one week and hopefully forever. Slow down your kids, your schedule, your relationships. Then take it to your horses and animals. Work more slowly more deliberately at everything and see how you feel after a time of practicing this. Even if you can do it for only a day. I'd like to get feedback from people on this to see how it affected their world.