Horse Dosages of Flower Essences

This weeks topic of discussion has been flower essences and there application on horses for a variety of behavior issues. I wanted to bring up dosage amounts as I don't believe I spoke about the actual amounts on the radio show or last blog. As a general rule I give 10 drops of each essence in water or directly on some food or sugar cubes. I may mix 10 drops of each remedy in one bottle to create a custom mix or behavior specific one like Spook mix. I then add water and a tablespoon of alcohol(vodka, brandy or vinegar if you like to preserve) to top it off for use. This also makes a tincture bottle last longer. Do not assume more is better with these essences. 20 drops will not have a more strong effect. Nor will a whole bottle though it would not harm the animal. The best is to give at short intervals, or in their drinking water, or during a training or stressful situation. Rescue Remedy is a good general calming and soothing mix which consists of Impatients (mental agitation,frustration,impatience), Clematis (loss of consciousness, dreamy, unfocused), Cherry Plum (hysteria, fear of losing control, lack of emotional control), Rock Rose (terror, deep anticipatory fear, panic), Star of Bethlehem (Trauma, Shock). Every animal and human first aid kit should have it.