Elsa, the bearer of joy and happiness...

I just moved Elsa and Mom to pasture for the summer yesterday. It was fairly uneventful due to Phoenix being trailer trained prior. We used a butt rope to encourage Elsa and in a few tries, She hopped up in the slant with momma. She traveled like a champ and it was a short trip so a good first experience. What moved me though was how she made everyone so happy in the barn where I board. I was struck by how her birth was an event for everybody and felt that it was a great experience to share with the others who board, work and own the facility. The owners have several children who had never seen a newborn and they were so enthralled with her. The boarders adored her. She was the barn "pet" I guess It just made me smile to see the joy and happiness she made the kids feel when I spied them visiting with her. We all sat around and watched them play (I call it horse TV). Each person enjoying them individually. Now They have gone to stay at a clients barn where there is 24/7 turnout and grass which I (and horses) prefer. Now she is on to spread joy in another barn where she will undoubtedly become the barn pet. I'm glad I can share my bundle of joy when I see how happy she makes eveyone who meets her. With all the negative incidents that have been going on lately in our horse world and world in general. Elsa in a little innocent light bearer who reminds us all to smile and laugh with her exuberance and energy and affection! Thanks Elsa!