Lots of talk of stallions but what about Phoenix?

Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix....The half sister to my stallion that I did not need, I bought for no good reason except I wanted her. Didn't stop to think about doubling my board/vet/farrier SHOWING etc expenses! Not to mention the TIME to enjoy/work with another unbroke 3 year old ( yes, Not even haltered) amongst my numerous other horses in training. And did I mention that her conformation, movement, size... I could go on, went against EVERYTHING I look for in a horse. And I know warmbloods are not alway conventionally pretty horses, I like the look of them but some people don't appreciate their stately heads. Let's just say she has a real stately head. But I saw beauty in her.
Anyway, She knocked down and proceeded to run over the poor girl showing her to me. Always a good sales point. Would not stand for her vet check. And somehow some part of me saw through that ( did I mention she had some bloodlines I like and free jumped phenomenally despite her odd conformation. I believe the breeder referred to her as a freak?). I remember the guy I was with saying "You want to buy this horse?" like I should have my head checked.
Anyway, I bought her in september and here is what I discovered:
-Phoenix is the one of the kindest, sweetest animals I have ever had the pleasure/honor of working with.
-She is hands down the easiest horse I have ever trained. I show her once and she's got it. Whether I showed her 3 weeks ago or yesterday. Anyone whose trained horses can appreciate this. I've also had the Marmadukes who are like "wait show me again...you want me to do what now...I don't get it"
-She ALWAYS greets me at the fence from no matter where she is and is genuinely pleased to see me. (so is Mercury but I raised him from a yearling and I've had her for 6 months)
_She is sensible and brave with just enough spark to know she's a competitor(I call her my sleeper They wont see us coming)
_I noticed when I'm around I just feel good. I just liked being around her.
-She has this great spirit.

So what have I learned. Phoenix is my Yin. Mercury is my Yang. I have a perfectly balanced pair. Anyone who doesn't like mares should meet some of the difficult geldings I've worked with. I've had 3 mares and they were/are all saints. Or as I call them "Geldings trapped in a mares body"
Also sometimes, when your every part of your brain is telling you this is not a good thing but your heart says it is, your heart knows something your brain doesn't. It sees Spirit...It recognizes heart...I love you Phoenix
(Phoenix has a poor quality picture on my page. Phoenix I owe you a picture that captures your true spirit)