De Ja Vue???

I purchased a 2 old trekehner filly prospect about 15? years ago (the time isn't important). I was going to train her and maybe even breed her. I went about my normal tasks of starting a young horse and all was going fine until about 10 months in, she started getting real fat in her belly. I had the vet out and he said "oh she just has a hay belly" ummm...she was pregnant. Vets don't know everything. Anyway, to make a long story short, she was sold to me bred by mistake??? No one knew. Certainly not the breeder. Fortunately, she had a healthy filly, despite my worry about not caring for her right all that time and training her. This story has so many details that make you know that everything happens for a reason and horses have other plans for you when you innocently buy them. But it would take me pages to tell the story in the detail it deserves. Maybe another blog.
Fast forward to now. 7 months ago, I innocently bought another warmblood cross filly prospect. I have mentioned her before. Phoenix is 3 and I started training her just as I have trained many young horses before her. Everything was going great...Except come about 2 months ago, she started getting really fat in the belly. Everyone was saying" I think your horse is pregnant" and I of course said no "she's just one of those mare's who's built that way" you know big in the belly. I rationalized an explained it away until I couldn't anymore. I contacted the breeder and sent him photos of her, and he confirmed that although this had never happened before, He had another filly with one on the way as well. Accidentally. I know this is not uncommon. I, in fact, know others who have gotten mares with surprises inside. But I ask you and myself "what are the odds of this happening twice???" Will I win the lottery next? I better with another mouth to feed. Now this is not officially confirmed but look at the pics.