Yoga and Horsemanship: Breathing exercise part 2

Phoenix focusing on her relaxation techniques...
This week I want to give you another Yoga exercise to follow up the breathing one from the last post.

Since the last one I hope you found a new found attention to the breath and noticed the changes it made in yourself and your horse. I mentioned that you should just notice your breathing patterns and feel your body and the horses. Paying attention to when there was tension or ease. Whether the breath flowed or was held, was deep, or shallow.

Now your practice will involve conscious, focused, regular breathing. I want you to use this when you are preparing to ride, working on the ground or in the saddle. From the start of your interaction with your horse, I want you to focus on regular rhythmic breathing. Normal breathing. I want you to listen to your own breath. Breath audibly so you and your horse can hear it. Also try to synchronize your breath with your horse. This is a very powerful connecting exercise. Don't worry if you lose track of the breath. Just come back to it and focus on it again.

I would love to hear your experiences in the comments area!


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