Upcoming Playshop with The Horses at Alderlore

For those of you who don't know already. A Playshop with Bonnitta Roy of the Horses at Alderlore will be offered at Back Acres Farm February 27th Sunday starting at 9:30.

In this Playshop, you will learn Freestyle Dancing at Liberty with horses.
Learn how to use body language to create "dance steps" with your horse, utilizing basic natural dressage movements at liberty - yielding of the hindquarters, turn on the shoulders, turn on the hindquarters, and lateral side steps in both directions. Gypsie Wings & Bonnie will demonstrate how to work these basic movements into various dance steps, from which you can build a repetoire of movements; and participants can learn them with their own horses.

Limited spaces are available to people to work with our horses or yours and unlimited auditing is available. It will be $50.00 to participate with a horse and $25.00 to audit.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bonnitta's work, it is fun, in tune with the horses and really gets you thinking about your timing and body language being clear. She is inspired by the work of Klaus Hempfling, Carolyn Resnick, and Karen Rolfe. She is also a Qi Gong Master and uses this mastery of energy to work with the horses. I really enjoy watching her work with her horses but especially horses she has never worked with before. For more info go to Alderlore.Org for more info you can also contact me at http://fdhorsetraining.com/Contactfdt.html