A Name for a little Miss Thang...

Yes, I know she looks so innocent and cute in that picture, but after getting to know my little miss thang (and yes she is a little miss thang not a misspelling), I see her horsenality loud and clear! I observed that I now own a FIRECRACKER! When she is not running, she is crow hopping, when she is not crow hopping she is rearing or bucking or some combination there of. I have yet to see her just walk or trot. She does show a beautiful athletic balanced canter though. She appears to have 2 speeds only. Sleeping and running/bucking/rearing/hopping! She is also a ferocious nurser. Poor Phoenix is visibly wincing as she attacks (she doesn't nurse she attacks)her udders but being the devoted mom puts up with it. So as I saw this behavior, The name Elsa came to me and I realized it was the name of the Lioness in the famous story "Born Free". And I thought yeah, she's a little lioness all right (also the color). Elsa also means "Abundance from god" and she is a surprise gift from the universe. So since I can't stand show names and believe in giving my horses simple meaningful names that are all purpose, That's it. Of course she will have 20 pet nicknames...I think the first one's are Miss Thang, Attitude, firecracker, sass, wild thing, superball, you little chestnut mare!