Elsa's first lesson's

Little Miss Elsa...She is full of life and spirit. Also some fresh habits! I started her first ground lessons due to the fact that in her youthful exuberance and horseplay, she had a not so fun habit of what I call "drive by" kicking. She would start with coming over and being all "aren't I cute" then push into you wheel and try, with her feet, to "tag your it"! I decided her first lesson was turn and face me and she also found out humans have knees and feet too. A tap on the hiny sent her into fits of indignation and head shaking and crow hops. She said "noo you're it"! I tagged her back a few times and said no, you're it! And she learned in days.She got lots of love when her head was forward and had to move her feet when her tushy was showing. Amazing that even at a month old, they can learn in a few days of short gentle sessions. I also had to get her to lead a bit as they are moving to a pasture for the summer and have to go on the trailer. I gently asked her to yield to pressure on her halter and after some protesting she figures it out quite quickly. Then there was lots of scratching and rubbing which she loves. Now she knows what a curry is and that is worth standing for. So nice to have them this young to work with...