Obstacles and Agility fun

With the growing interest in Agility, I thought I show some of the things I play with at Liberty. I incorporate obstacles for several benefits and reasons.
  • They add variety and creativity to my sessions.
  • Different configurations offer Physiotherapy, symmetry and suppleness benefits. 
  • They can easily be done at Liberty.
  • They help Hunter, Jumper, Eventer practice to be fun, a positive and Connecting experience.
  • They build connection and desire in the performance horse.
  • Enhance Dressage training.
  • Help horses engage their core muscles and build stronger toplines.
  • Help horses learn to focus and be careful with their feet.
  • Fear issues around objects.
Enjoy this video http://fdhvirtualclinic.vidmeup.com/view?q=5170b6dfa3735.flv&playlist=1