Upcoming Clinic! October 30th-1st Waterhole Ritual based Liberty work

Hey all! I am pleased to be putting on the first in an on going progressive series in the spirit of Carolyn Resnick's Waterhole Rituals. Christian Gundermann will be co-hosting with me at Back Acres farm in beautiful Nothern MA. Christian works with Parelli Natural Horsemanship and is also a graduate of the Waterhole Rituals Insider circle. Back Acres farm offers a number of very progressive clinics including James Shaw on October 17th and 18th. Check out their site for events. They also offer boarding, an indoor and plenty of turnout. On October 26th at 7pm eastern, I will be doing a radio show on my experience with the Waterhole Rituals with DC from the Natural Horse Network on her Horse Talk Radio show if you'd like to hear how this method can improve your connection and horsemanship on every level. Your horse will want to be with you and work with you in a way you never thought possible! This method is the foundation to all other methods and training and should be done as a prerequisite for any discipline you pursue. Watch the videos that I post here to see what can be achieved when you learn to Dance with your horse! I was able to not only dance with my horse, but also ride bridless for the first time! Clinic space is limited to 6 horses and owner combos and unlimited auditors. Participating with your horse will be just $250.00! plus $25.00 day boarding for the 3 days and $25.00 a day for auditing or $60.00 for the 3 days. You can chose to ship in if you are local. If you are interested please contact me to reserve your space and get the questionaire to fill out. Please no stallions and it is strongly suggested that you bring a horse you are comfortable with and you find easy to work with. More info to come...stay tuned...