Working the Waterhole Rituals...

I wanted to relay my experience with using the Waterhole Ritual exercises from Carolyn Resnick's training program. I know everyone I work with is on some level looking for what Carolyn's program and work is about. Unfortunately, I see some people going about it in the completely opposite way they should.
I train a lot of people's horses for them and I like to try to have a good relationship with them in spite of not owning them. I also deal with a lot of behavioral issues and have to be able to effectively help people deal with them. I found Carolyn's program irreplaceable in my program to achieve these things. It not only improved the relationship I have with my clients horses, it improved my relationship with my new surprise foal from spring last year. She was only the second one I had had from birth in a long string of young horses I have owned and worked with. She was also quite dominant and disrespectful from birth. In all the babies I had seen and worked with, she was the most dominant I'd ever had. The Rituals proved to be the perfect work for her. I especially like them for babies as they are all liberty and I prefer not to put too much "Technical" training on my babies. I found You don't need much "technical" training with this program. I believe that is Carolyn's point. When you have a bond of trust and communication with your horse, The communication is quite easy. It is as if they know what you want and they are quite willing to follow you as you have proven yourself to be worthy of taking direction from. Or just a plain good Leader. I have proved this to myself by applying these exercises to several different horses in pasture/herd situations that I work with. I have been able to get all the horses to willing follow me away from food, their herd and friends with no halter or lead to the barns to get ready for riding or ground work. Even the most dominant and antisocial ones!To understand the true impact you must know that I have been able to achieve this in minutes (not because I was in a rush but because they work that fast, done correctly and with all the horses I worked with) with horses I have never done it with and with my clients and there horses. The most important part of this to me is I like that the horses are choosing to go with me to train, not me going and getting them to train. I feel like the quality of our relationship is much better and our time together is fun and interesting for both of us. You should only do these exercises if you feel reasonably safe with your horse unless you are a seasoned professional. Otherwise I would seek someone to assist you who knows the system. Here is a link to Carolyn's site to find out more and Purchase her DVD's or books. I highly recommend them.