Goal setting for the new year...

I'd like to address goal setting. This time each year I like to review what I've accomplished with my own horses and others I work with. I also like to think about any of my own personal training or riding goals that I have achieved. I think if you reflect on your past year, you can often see a huge improvement from where you were 12 months before (think about that for a minute). I then like to think about what I'd like to work on in the upcoming year. Things I'd like to improve in my own riding, in my horses training, or anything at all that may need work. Winter is a great time to fine tune things and also "ground play" with your horse for fun or respect or both. I take this time to play a lot with my horses because our show season is suspended for a while and it's FUN!. I work minimally on show stuff and shift the emphasis to playing, learning new things and possibly studying different methods. That is why I am really looking forward to our workshop with our own Bonnita Roy to learn some new ways to interact our horses. I will blog about that after we do it in february. If you find that you have somehow "gone backwards" or your horse has. Then try to make a plan to get back on track. Maybe find a trainer to work with or a DVD or book that focuses on your type of goal or issue. Good luck in the new year!


My reading with Pamela Au

I just came back from Maui, Hawaii and I had the pleasure to meet (over the phone) and have a reading with Pamela Au. She is an Author, Horse Trainer, Spiritual reader, Artist and Photographer.
I had always had her book but connected with her on the Natural Horse Network by coincidence. We had much in common and seemed to be of like minds. I didn't know Pam was living in Hawaii until communicating with her. I knew I was planning to visit there and thought it would be fun to hook up there.
I decided to get a reading to help me with some questions I'd had on my mind lately. I got much more then I bargained for! She works with you or your animals but my life is intertwined with my animals so they overlapped.
I have had many readings before with different people and this one was the best one I think I've ever had.
She was very precise about things my horse would communicate and helped me understand the intense connection I have with him. She helped me get clear on some career directions I was unsure of. She let me know of some pets that had crossed over, that were still with me. She let me know a lot of interesting details that helped me understand why things are the way they are in my world. I was able to ask very specific questions which I got clear answers too. Even the most sure of us need that help sometimes.
I highly recommend an animal reading or a personal one for anyone or as a xmas gift. You or the recipient will not be disappointed! Click here to go to Pamela's Site.