My reading with Pamela Au

I just came back from Maui, Hawaii and I had the pleasure to meet (over the phone) and have a reading with Pamela Au. She is an Author, Horse Trainer, Spiritual reader, Artist and Photographer.
I had always had her book but connected with her on the Natural Horse Network by coincidence. We had much in common and seemed to be of like minds. I didn't know Pam was living in Hawaii until communicating with her. I knew I was planning to visit there and thought it would be fun to hook up there.
I decided to get a reading to help me with some questions I'd had on my mind lately. I got much more then I bargained for! She works with you or your animals but my life is intertwined with my animals so they overlapped.
I have had many readings before with different people and this one was the best one I think I've ever had.
She was very precise about things my horse would communicate and helped me understand the intense connection I have with him. She helped me get clear on some career directions I was unsure of. She let me know of some pets that had crossed over, that were still with me. She let me know a lot of interesting details that helped me understand why things are the way they are in my world. I was able to ask very specific questions which I got clear answers too. Even the most sure of us need that help sometimes.
I highly recommend an animal reading or a personal one for anyone or as a xmas gift. You or the recipient will not be disappointed! Click here to go to Pamela's Site.