It's a never ending journey...kick back

Training can be be a joy at it's greatest moments and a patience and frustration test the next. It takes a deep passion and love for horses, a desire for partnership and a firm dedication to a well-being first( theirs and yours), agendas second philosophy.
I have had the "good" fortune to have several challenging individuals in the last couple of years. They have asked of me "Farah, do you possess the patience, creativity, courage and skill to train us without force, or taking away our individual strong personalities and spirits?" I have seemingly drawn these horse to me that others would have given up on or tried to submit to their will in their pursuit of competitive success. They find me because they know I will see them for who they are and recognize their strengths and weaknesses as I recognize my own. Most of all these horse have shown me how to find other ways to create a partnership with a not so easy partner for a much more rewarding and educational journey. I never liked "easy" horses. I always had a draw to opinionated larger then life horsenalities for good or bad. They keep me on my toes and learning, creative and growing as a trainer and a person. I never forget that they don't have to participate in anything I ask. If they choose to willingly, I am filled with gratitude and wonder still to this day as I ask them to jump and perform intricate dressage maneuvers. It amazes me...